Meena has set an enjoyable sewing workshop for the women and herewith contributing to their rehabilitation and reintegration into society. The workshop is designed as a means enabling the women to earn a decent living, while maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Many survivors have been traumatized to return to factory work, while some are unable to take on full-time employment due to ongoing health issues. We've been offering free fabric cutting and tailoring classes as a way to help the survivors to earn money for themselves. The women who have completed these courses prefers to work with the Meena workshop which is subject to Meena’s volume of work orders. However the possibility working as independent seamstresses in the local market. As cutting and tailoring are more advanced skills, which have been traditionally reserved for men, the women finding this an attractive mode of income. The Women also using the workshop to tailor clothes for the family and relatives also saves their limited household money.

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An important part to rehabilitate a group of former workers has been to increase income opportunity through tailoring skills training. As many of these women are either mentally or physically handicapped an adequate working space is very important to succeed in economic and social rehabilitation. The Meena workshop has been part of skill training for the women and the money was raised from the sculpture sales has been used for the initial production cost and paying the women. It is the vision of Meena the activities of this workshop will evolve into a sustainable business and will provide room for more women to be part of the venture. 

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