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My name is Kolpona Akhter. I lost my husband in the Rana Plaza tragedy and I was badly injured. I have a son and a daughter and I want nothing more than a
good education for them, so that one day they might be able to full their dreams. “Before I started the tailoring course at Meena, I couldn’t sew dresses. Now, thanks
to the programme, I can cut and make dierent types of dresses and bags.” I really enjoy working in the Meena workshop and I hope I can continue to do
so. I can provide for my family with the money I earn there. I think in the long-term it will give me and my family more nancial freedom and a brighter future.

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Shilpi is a survivor of the Rana Plaza collapse. Her arm had to be amputated and Shilpi had to spend over 2.5 years in the hospital with follow-up surgery. Already during this time, Shilpi had the hope to continue her education. Meena helped her to continue school and Shilpi graduated. Her dream is to work as a lawyer and to work for the rule of law.

Currently, Shilpi can earn her living independently in the Meena workshop. With that, she also supports her mother and older sister, who resumed her education as a former factory worker and following the example of her sister in education.
Shilpi was invited by the German Ministry for Economic Co-operation and Development (BMZ) to speak at the opening event of the Green Button on September 9, 2019 in Berlin.

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