Wings of Hope – Exhibition of Sculptures by former factory women

Meena combines Art & Development into the life of our artisans. In 2019 the 3rd Sculpture Workshop for underprivileged women has been organised under the theme of „What makes you happy“ and the artisans together with young students made their sculpture and visualising their story. 42 women from Meena in Savar have been assisted by 8 artists from the 'Bangladesh Women Art Association' SHaKo and two Danish Artists. Each of the sculpture tells a story of their tremendous development and what makes them happy today.
Danish Art Educator Kirsten Fugl and bronze caster Peter Jensen and the Bangladeshi women artists association - SHaKo, are volunteering to work with the survivors of the Rana Plaza tragedy in this art workshop. The workshop is realised with the support of Sukanta’s and his artists of Dhamrai Metal Crafts.

Poster Meena exhibiton with partners at NSU Kopie 2