Skills Development Training

Meena conducting tailoring courses for former Rana Plaza garment workers. Hereby the artisans gaining and foster their skills important for their future and to sustain employment.
180 women succeeded their training on the programme which takes place at our programme centre in Dhaka. The women have been divided into 3 groups and receive 2 hours of training, 3 times a week. The classes are run by professional tailors, who are local businessmen and themselves husbands of survivors of the Rana Plaza tragedy.

The four month training programme has two components. Firstly three months of rigorous training with the participants learning clothing and material design, followed by material cutting and then finally sewing. The women are required to produce 30 items of clothing during the course and are assessed on each individual item. Secondly the practical phase of the programme, where the women are expected to produce items completely independently, in a professional practical setting to be sold on the market.

The goal of the programme is to achieve a level of self-sufficiency that will give the women a brighter future.


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